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Bedroom locks

Bedroom locks might seem to be a "nothing to worry about" type of topic, but it is actually very important.

As prices for new houses and apartments keep going up each year, it is very common to rent a condo/house/apartment, and the most affordable option is to rent it with roommates so that way rent becoming very cheap. Further more, since Airbnb first came out, bed and breakfast seems to be an easy and quick way to make extra income by sharing residential space with other tenets.

The result is very clear - while people sharing an house with you other than your family (and in some cases - especially with your family) it is important to maintain your personal area secured and unreachable.

Add lock to door

Door knobs and levers are not safe. While you can find on the market bedroom lock with keys, it is important to have secured lock that will actually keep your bedroom door locked and secured.

Unlock Bedroom is easy. Bedroom locks like door knobs and door levers are easy to break in, sometime even with no experience at all - credit cards, knives and ice picks are just a few of the "tools" that can open your bedroom door locks in seconds.

Keep bedroom locked

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