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"How to unlock a car when the key is inside"

This is the wrong question to ask. The better question is - Can i afford damaging the car while trying to unlock it myself, or should i just call a professional locksmith instead?

In this post we will try to explain why it is always better to call a professional locksmith than trying to open the car by yourself when the keys are locked inside.

As a professional locksmith, Quick Key Locksmith Las Vegas is a certified lockout service in Las Vegas, NV. That means that our technicians are trained to service any type of vehicle - Unlock truck, unlock car, unlock RV, open trunk when keys inside. Being a professional locksmith in Las Vegas we won't leave any type of damage to the car*!

During the years we saw a lot of different situations when the customer tried to DIY unlock vehicle. Now we can clearly state that the risks for trying to unlock a car yourself can be:

- Window damage / Cracking

- Door / Latch damage

- Paint / Coating damage

- Lock / Cylinder / Handle damage

Eventually, repairing the damage will cost more than just calling a professional locksmith. Furthermore, the car's value will decrease.

That's why you should always call someone who knows what he is doing! A trained technician probably had open thousands of other vehicles before yours, so there will be nothing to worry about.

Quick Key Locksmith Las Vegas is able to unlock any car in matter of minutes! Why trying DIY when you can be back in your car in less than mins?

Call us today for car unlocking service in Las Vegas - 702-659-9779

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